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10 Tips To Improve Your Driving Posture

Your posture at driving will avoid physical problems

How far in advance should I take my seat?

We know that yoga and its stretches help release stress … Do not do it while you drive. A common mistake is to place the seat relatively close to the pedals so that stretching the leg can reach them. The right thing to do is to bring it closer so that your legs are slightly bent when the clutch or throttle is fully depressed. This will allow you to react faster and reduce injuries in case of shock.

How high should the seat be?

The height of the seats of some cars can also be regulated. If yours allows it, do it! After all, you paid for that function. Ideally, your head should be (minimum) a fist detached from the ceiling.

Is the backrest to turn the seat into a bed?

Yes and no. When you are early to get to work and you can sleep 15 minutes in the parking lot, you can put the backrest at a 180 ° angle and you will be good all day. But if you are driving, the backrest should allow your shoulders to maintain contact with it while your wrists touch the steering wheel rim.

How do I know if the steering wheel is in the correct position?

Some cars allow you to adjust the height and depth of the steering wheel. Again, if yours has that function (for which you paid), use it; too easy. Height, like salt, is to taste; Raise the steering wheel to where you feel most comfortable, without being too high or too low. With depth, we return to stretching, forget yoga and allow your arms to flex slightly when taking the wheel.

Does it not matter how I grip the steering wheel?

The function of the steering wheel is to control the direction of the car, not to practice the washing of planes in the turns U, or to put the hand in the part while you smile to the girls in the semaphore. Imagining that the steering wheel is a watch, your hands should go at 9 and 3 o’clock. Otherwise, if the airbag explodes, you could suffer serious injuries to your arms.

Is the headboard an ornament?

Some car brands think so, and so the rear seats of the entry versions of various vehicles do not have them. The headers are so that your head does not give a «lash» in case of a rear collision, so they must be placed at the correct height. Recharge on them and make sure the corners do not touch your head.

How do I fit the mirrors?

To eliminate (or reduce) the blind spot, it is important that the mirrors look outward so that they barely reflect the edge of your car.

I wear a seat belt, but … do I do it right?

The seat belt saves lives. Sounds cliché, but it is true as long as you put it in the right way. Adjust the height so that it passes over your shoulder and chest without being too close to your neck or too close to the shoulder, then pull it so that it is stuck to your body; If it is loose it is not so effective.

Should all passengers wear seat belts?

It may seem like an obvious question, but there are still people who travel on the back seat and do not wear seat belts. Pay for them, use them and make sure others use them! In the end, if you crash, everyone gets the impact at the same speed and, like loose lumps in the passenger compartment, could kill you even if you do bring the belt.

Should I wear a seat belt if I am pregnant?

Yes! To wear it, make sure that the belt passes over your shoulder and between your breasts without being over your belly; Must go to one side of this one. The lower part of the belt should fit into your pelvis, never on the belly.