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Costa Rica Traditional Food

Casado is one of the most traditional costarican dishes

If you’ve ever been to Costa Rica and you have not tried at least one of the main dishes of traditional food then you did nothing. Costa Rican food incorporates several basic elements of Latin American cuisine and is differentiated by being much healthier by including a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The quality of these dishes when they are at home is unbeatable, so try to apply them in some dishes of your daily food
1. The Casado
The Casado, it is the most common dish in Costa Rica. It consists of beans, rice, fried plantains, cabbage salad with carrot and tomato, and a selection of meat from chicken, fish, pork.
Meat that comes with a married grilled or sauteed, but never fried. Sometimes the married includes fries or extra vegetables such as avocados.

2. Ceviche
Ceviche is a snack consisting of fresh fish marinated in citrus juices as raw lemon with finely chopped herbs and vegetables. In Costa Rica, the best ceviche is made with the local tilapia or corvina (white sea bass) and cilantro, garlic, chili, onion and celery. However there is also one called Ceviche Mixto which also includes fish, shrimp, octopus, shells, squid and mussels is just delicious.

3. Gallo Pinto
Gallo Pinto is the typical breakfast of Costa Rica. It consists of rice and beans mixed together, fried or scrambled eggs, minced meat, fried plantains and tortillas.

4. Olla de Carne
The pot of meat is a tasty and rich in nutrients made with huge chunks of stew meat, potatoes, carrots, chayote, bananas, cassava, sweet potatoes, green bananas, and sweet potatoes. If accompanied with white rice and a few drops of lemon is incredible taste in your mouth. Usually for more flavor meat with bone and rib and fleshy neck bone beef it is used.

5. Tamales (no related with the Mexican ones)
Costa Rican tamales are boiled with banana leaves stuffed with a mixture of cornmeal, saffron rice, pork, and a variety of beans and vegetables. They are a tradition especially at Christmas where the whole family comes together to prepare, activity that takes one to two working days

6. Carnitas
The carnitas are pieces of meat cooked on the grill. Once done, it is placed in the center of a tortilla.

7. Pejibaye
Pejibaye peach is the fruit bunches. It is thick and very fibrous and is prepared in boiling water with salt and beef bone that is called in Costa Rica «hock»

8. Café
Costa Rica is synonymous with excellent coffee and hot drinks several times a day, even when it’s hot.

9. Chan
Chan is a slightly sweet and viscous from the addition of water to a few tablespoons of seeds chan drink. Chan seed is small and has a scent like lavender. When water is added, the seed develops a viscous layer around; also helps the digestive system fever and low blood pressure.

10. Natural beverage
They are natural, fresh squeezed juices mixed with water or milk, with added sugar fruits. There is an impressive amount of soft drinks available in Costa Rica: Carambola,Cas (a fruit native only Costa Rica),Guanábana, Mango, Passionfruit, Mora,Papaya.