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Tips for installing the car seat for children

Install a baby seat correctly

Tips for installing the car seat for children

While installing the car seat for children is essential to safeguard its security. Meet tips for good use of it and the types of chair in the world.

There are three types of car seats for children depending on the age and weight of your baby.

Chairs exclusively for infants:
It is necessary to drink between 8.5 and 10.5 kg. and 9 months to 1 year.
It is installed facing backwards.
They come with a harness of three or five points.
They are removable, or base, you can remove the chair and, after tying up your baby in the chair, you simply have to secure it in the base again.

Convertible seats:
Is used by children up to 18 kg. And three years aproximately.
Installed facing forward.
Most come with adjustable buckles so you can change the tapes for a growing baby.

Booster seat:
It is for children up to 36 kg. and 10 years old.
Must be used with a seat belt and is looking forward position.
The goal is to raise your child so that the seat belt fits properly and help protect your trunk and head.

Basic tips on the use of child seats:

Read the manufacturer’s instructions on installing and save them for possible future reference well.
Read the owner’s manual of your car and, if you have not, go to the dealer to advise you on installation.
Always install the seat in the back seat. It is the safest place for a possible collision.
Choose chairs that have a button that when activated allows immediately free the child since, in case of accident, those seconds are vital.

The child should be tight to the chair, must fit one finger between the strap and the child’s chest.
If your child will travel in two or more cars we suggest you install a chair in each car. Install and uninstall it so often is not recommended.

The seat belt should fit snugly to your child and do not exercise any friction. Note that you must tighten the belt as your child grows.

The metal seat components should not be in contact with the skin because, when heated, can burn.

Car seats for infants get dirty, so you must select it easier to clean.

Babies born before 37 weeks may require special treatment to travel safely in a car.