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Tips to rent a car in Costa Rica

My tips to rent a car in Costa Rica. Asking the right questions will avoid any surprises

My tips to rent a car in Costa Rica. As everything in world there are good things and bad things, pros and cons. During the years in this industry we saw terrible stories about Car Rental in Costa Rica, not only about the companies but about the customers.

Today I´m going to share with you the best tips that others don´t want you to know.

My tips to rent a car in Costa Rica. Asking the right questions will avoid any surprises

My tips to rent a car in Costa Rica. Asking the right questions will avoid any surprises

The catch

Tip to rent a car in Costa Rica number one:

If you are one of those that falls into this cacht “car rental in Costa Rica at $8 per day”, this catch is used frequently by those one time sale company.

These companies are looking for achieve their yearly sales budget at any cost, they don´t care about the client, needs or expectations.

This rate is guarantee to be plenty of hidden fees that actually are mandatory, such as the basic insurance, The basic insurance is the mínimum required by law to rent a car in Costa Rica.

Worse if you want to pick up the car at the international airport, where you will have to pay the airport tax, but if you take your time to research you wil find out there is an additional fee.

Tip to rent a  car in Costa Rica number two:


Big mistake is to pay attention only to the rate, Huge Mistake! Specially if you are traveling with a tide budget, this is going to create issues not only with the car rental company but with your travel partners.

In my experience women are more carefull than men, women ask more about details, costs, hidden fees.

I really love when they ask me to confirm what is the Price they are going to pay at pick up.

I always answer that they will pay the Price I have quoted. No more no less.

I have no problem give a written guarantee that your Price is final and no additional fees will apply.

Actually I also give extra instructions or tips to make sure our rate is going to be honored.

I spend more time focused to honor the rate I provide than in selling the service.

Why do I this? Because I want the travelers to comeback to us, and if they can recommend us to their Family and friends.

Tip to rent a car in Costa Rica number three:

Compare price and value

Many customers think they got an excellent rate and they never see value.

They never ask how old the car is, how many miles it has, how many assistance offices the company has around.

These simple questions are very important and are very anoying for some car rental companies in Costa Rica, the reason is very simple, If the company says and specific year, and if you receive an older car ( i´m not talking of 1 year difference, but 2 or more years difference, I will definately claim, don´t you do the same?)

No one wants to be consider a liar, specially with the customer in front of the counter. The company may loose the rental and all the consecuences this will cause.

Always ask about the year and make sure the year model in your reservation.

Many users care only for the price and they don´t take care about the service, convenience and value.

It is very important to ask the right questions,

The cheapest daily mandatory insurance is around $11 per day. It is not possible then to get a $10 per day rate if you are not covering at least the insurance.

Any advertising you may find in internet closer to this price it is a fake rate, that will expose you to pay a lot Money on spot.

It is very important that you take a moment, think about what you have in front of you and analize between the price and value.

Tip to rent a car in Costa Rica number four:

Everything is about the your experience

The car rental company at the bottom line is a service company. They don´t sell else than a experience.

The best car rental companies in Costa Rica are focused in provide to the client a pleasant experience, they will assist you from the terminal, they leave or pick the car in other places at no extra cost, they count with facilities, staff and many other things to guarantee the value of the service

They are very concerned for you to understand, what  the mandatory insurance going to cover.
if Is there a deposit at pick up?
they are not going to be anoying to answer this questions.

some internet rates come without insurance or the minimum that is the TPL «third parties liability» and you´ll be liable of the 100% of the vehicle., it is very important to clarify that before you commit with a reservation

In summary, asking questions is in our opinion the only and best way to make sure you´ll have a wonderful time.