Brexit. The Dessicion that will change EU



On June 24, 2016 UK proclaimed output of the European Union.

However it is not at all out is immediate, everything takes a process and is not exempt UK, you need to market adjustments and economies involved are given in order not to alter the main economic indicators.

We must allow the cloud of dust settles down and to make correct and timely decisions. Despite the circumstances, it is important to keep the ceteris paribus; as far as possible that is, keep the other environments, political, social etc., as stable as possible.

Market reactions are not expected, and this is where we must be more careful, because sudden movements of the main economic variables bring a speculative scenario in mainly reflected in the stock market and exchange rates economic sectors.

It is essential for economic policy makers to act quickly and appropriately, making constant and accurate readings in order to prevent the economy loses momentum and the sectors involved in crisis come to an uncertain market outlook.

At all times the struggle must be against uncertainty, as they are doing business leaders, calling the different sectors for calm. Is this the end of the economic bloc system ?.

It really all depends on how UK unwrap take and absorb the impact. Strong EU countries will be very expectation of where the UK will take decision according to the results might be that others will follow to UK or remain in the block. Who does not know history are doomed to repeat it, and this is a perfect case, economic systems have a life cycle and this more than others and do not want to wear begins.

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