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Car Rental Tambor Costa Rica

Rent a Car in Tambor Costa Rica

Reserve your car rental in Tambor


Set your Car Rental in Tambor, that is located less than 4 hours 10 minutes hour from San José Airport, Costa Rica.

This is 66 Miles or 145 Km. You can always use the Highway 27.

If you arrive in an early morning flight, you can rent your car at the airport and drive to Tambor, it is important to take in count you must take a ferry to get to Tambor.

Before sunset you will enjoy this destination.

If you don´t want to drive to Tambor, we can always set a transfer for you and take you to our facilities at this Destination, once you arrive can rent a car in Tambor Costa Rica.

Some very close and popular beaches to go around are Mal Pais and Montezuma

From Tambor it is very easy to move down thru the Nicoya Peninsula

Things to do at Tambor

Tambor in Costa Rica is a perfect destination for surfers and for those who enjoy good vibes, music and nightlife.

Tambor a is not only exclusive for surfers, you can have canopy, hiking and horseback riding

You can also visit the Cabo Blanco reserve that is 3 miles away from Tambor.

Adventure tours are available at Tambor Beach , for instance ATV and bycicle tours.

If you want, we can set all your tours from Tambor Beach. If you don´t want to drive around

It is important to mention that you can rent a car in Tambor and you can return your car rental in Tambor Costa Rica, just let us know your plans.

Many travelers take the car rental in San José and they return the car rental in Tambor or they can go around the Nicoya Peninsula and return the car rental in San José at no extra cost.

Please consult with our staff if you need to return the car rental at diferent locations as it may apply drop off fees.