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Car Rental Tortuguero Costa Rica

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    Set your Car Rental at Tortuguero, this destination is operated very different than the traditional.

    The only way to access Tortuguero is by boat as Tortuguero is composed by canals.

    There are 2 locations that we recommend to pick up car in the way out from Tortuguero the first one is Guapiles town and the second one is Siquirres.

    Normally the hotels at Tortuguero offer transportation service from/to San José.

    The day you leave Tortuguero there is a lunch stop at Guapiles.

    After lunch the staff is going to meet you with the car to set up the paperwork and from there you can depart to enjoy your next destination.

    From Guapiles you can depart to Cahuita, Puerto Viejo at Limón, Puerto Viejo at Sarapiquí, Turrialba, Arenal, San José.

    You can share with our advisors your plans and they will assist you to set up your rental according to your needs.

    Things to do at Tortuguero

    Tortuguero in Costa Rica is a perfect destination to visit the Rain Forest.

    There are tours thru the National Park every day. ( make sure you entrance ticket is paid in advance)

    Besides the Canals Tour you can also do conoe or go to beach but you can not get into the water as it is too dangerous

    The most famous tour is the Turtle nesting tour (remember to bring black clothes if you reserve this tour)

    The tour must be reserved on spot and it is necesary to pay cash.

    No credit cards are allowed to pay the turtle nesting tour.

    It is important to mention that you can rent a car in Guapiles or Siquirres if you are comming from Tortuguero

    Many travelers take the car in Guapiles and they return the car rental in San José.

    Please consult with our staff if you need to return the car rental at diferent locations as it may apply drop off fees.