10 Tips To Improve Your Driving Posture


How far in advance should I take my seat?

We know that yoga and its stretches help release stress … Do not do it while you drive. A common mistake is to place the seat relatively close to the pedals so that stretching the leg can reach them. The right thing to do is to bring it closer so that your legs are slightly bent when the clutch or throttle is fully depressed. This will allow you to react faster and reduce injuries in case of shock.


How high should the seat be?

The height of the seats of some cars can also be regulated. If yours allows it, do it! After all, you paid for that function. Ideally, your head should be (minimum) a fist detached from the ceiling.


Is the backrest to turn the seat into a bed?

Yes and no. When you are early to get to work and you can sleep 15 minutes in the parking lot, you can put the backrest at a 180 ° angle and you will be good all day. But if you are driving, the backrest should allow your shoulders to maintain contact with it while your wrists touch the steering wheel rim.


How do I know if the steering wheel is in the correct position?

Some cars allow you to adjust the height and depth of the steering wheel. Again, if yours has that function (for which you paid), use it; too easy. Height, like salt, is to taste; Raise the steering wheel to where you feel most comfortable, without being too high or too low. With depth, we return to stretching, forget yoga and allow your arms to flex slightly when taking the wheel.


Does it not matter how I grip the steering wheel?

The function of the steering wheel is to control the direction of the car, not to practice the washing of planes in the turns U, or to put the hand in the part while you smile to the girls in the semaphore. Imagining that the steering wheel is a watch, your hands should go at 9 and 3 o’clock. Otherwise, if the airbag explodes, you could suffer serious injuries to your arms.


Is the headboard an ornament?

Some car brands think so, and so the rear seats of the entry versions of various vehicles do not have them. The headers are so that your head does not give a “lash” in case of a rear collision, so they must be placed at the correct height. Recharge on them and make sure the corners do not touch your head.


How do I fit the mirrors?

To eliminate (or reduce) the blind spot, it is important that the mirrors look outward so that they barely reflect the edge of your car.


I wear a seat belt, but … do I do it right?

The seat belt saves lives. Sounds cliché, but it is true as long as you put it in the right way. Adjust the height so that it passes over your shoulder and chest without being too close to your neck or too close to the shoulder, then pull it so that it is stuck to your body; If it is loose it is not so effective.


Should all passengers wear seat belts?

It may seem like an obvious question, but there are still people who travel on the back seat and do not wear seat belts. Pay for them, use them and make sure others use them! In the end, if you crash, everyone gets the impact at the same speed and, like loose lumps in the passenger compartment, could kill you even if you do bring the belt.


Should I wear a seat belt if I am pregnant?

Yes! To wear it, make sure that the belt passes over your shoulder and between your breasts without being over your belly; Must go to one side of this one. The lower part of the belt should fit into your pelvis, never on the belly.

10 Tips to Save Fuel

1. Plan your trip
A well planned trip will allow you to reach your destination in the fastest, easiest and safest way, and therefore make driving more efficient by saving fuel.
Extending only ten minutes the trip of 1 hour causes an increase in consumption in gasoline or diesel of 14 percent.
2. Check the tires pressure
The tires must be inflated to the pressure indicated by the manufacturer and according to the weather conditions. In addition to taking care of our safety will allow us a more efficient driving. Driving using tires with a pressure of 0.5 bar less than the correct one reduces fuel efficiency by 2 and 4 percent in urban and suburban areas, respectively.
3. Reduce unnecessary loads
Before starting the journey, more if it is a trip, we must rationalize the volume and the distribution of the load. Not only is it a matter of space, driving with 100 kilos of unnecessary weight on board causes fuel consumption, in a medium-sized car, to shoot 6 percent.
4. Start-up and go
Start the engine of the car without stepping on the accelerator (in the gasoline engines you can start the engine immediately after starting, in the diesel engines, wait a few seconds before starting to move).
Use the first gear just to start. It changes to second speed at 2 seconds or 6 meters approximately.
Start driving slowly (20 km / h in 5 seconds to save 11 percent fuel) and avoid abrupt acceleration.
5. Keep uniform speed
Keep the speed as even as possible, look for fluidity in the circulation, avoiding unnecessary braking, acceleration and shifts. To decelerate, lift the foot of the accelerator and let the vehicle roll with the gear in that moment. It brakes smoothly with the brake pedal and reduces gear as late as possible, with special attention to the downhill.
Driving at more than 20 km / h with an inserted gear, if you do not step on the throttle, the fuel consumption is zero. Instead, at idle, the car consumes between 0.5 and 0.7 liters / hour.

6. Do not keep engine idle
At long stops, it is advisable to switch off the engine. An idling engine for 10 minutes (in neutral and with the air conditioner disconnected) consumes 0.13 l / 100 km of gasoline.
7. A/C use
Use the air conditioner only when necessary.
When the outside temperature is 25º C, air conditioning reduces gas consumption by 12 percent. In the city, opening the windows (when doing so is safe) is more efficient than using the air conditioning.
However, the opposite occurs when driving at higher speeds, due to the higher air resistance.
8. Use engine braking
If you release the accelerator when you realize that you have to brake, the fuel supply stops, resulting in a 2 percent increase in fuel efficiency.
Always drive with an adequate safety distance and a wide field of vision that allows you to see two or three vehicles ahead.
9. Gear shift at low revs
Optimizes gear shifting as much as possible. Circulate as long as possible in the longest relationships and at low revolutions (in the city, whenever possible, use the 4th or 5th gear, respecting speed limits).
On paper, the torque of a diesel car advises to change gears between 1,500 and 2,500 rpm. In the case of gasoline the optimal moment is between 2,000 and 2,500 rpm. If your car does not have rev counter, speed can serve as a reference. Thus, we will insert the third speed from 30 km / h, the fourth when we reach 40 km / h, the fifth when driving at 50 km / h and the sixth speed, in case the car has it, from the 60 km / h.
10. Take advantage from the descents
The descents allow you to take advantage of them to save on gasoline consumption. Take advantage of the inertia to advance the gearshift at low revs.
In the climbs, it delays to the maximum reduction of gear, increasing the pressure on the accelerator, although never treading thoroughly.

Trip to the Moon and tourism of the future

Finally the tourist race to the Moon began as CNN, the FAA , the State Department , NASA and the White House have taken a historic step for MOON EXPRESS pass into history as the first private company that aims to reach the moon before the end of 2017 .

It’s company is bidding for the Lunar XPrize Google’s prize, which is to go and try a moon landing, around 500 meters above the lunar surface and transmit a HD video of it to Earth.

How will the future of tourism be?
It will be accessible to all ? Or only a few.
What we can say is that the future that when children watched television astonished not only closer but also faster.



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NASA switched off transmission of a camera from the international space station when shooting a unidentified flying object (UFO) entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

Past July 12 came a video on Youtube where one of the cameras of the international space station captures an unknown object entering the earth’s atmosphere.

The hard takes approximately one minute twenty seconds and then the signal is lost enters a screen which says you are having problems streaming from the International Space Station.
It is not the first time this has happened to appear an unidentified object. At other times it has happened that deliberately gate where the chamber is closed.
The strange thing is that whenever something is out of place appear such failures or transmission problems. This seems rather a procedural protocol.
Regardless of whatever is entering the concern is that there may be several scenarios: NASA does not know what is and hides, Nasa knows what is hidden and so, Nasa is entirely unknown and equipment failure.
None of these scenarios is encouraging, and I think it is best to know who is doing there and if it is dangerous or not.
Feigned or not, ignorance is never brings anything good or nice.
The best way to resolve a situation is to confront

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Brexit. The Dessicion that will change EU


On June 24, 2016 UK proclaimed output of the European Union.

However it is not at all out is immediate, everything takes a process and is not exempt UK, you need to market adjustments and economies involved are given in order not to alter the main economic indicators.

We must allow the cloud of dust settles down and to make correct and timely decisions. Despite the circumstances, it is important to keep the ceteris paribus; as far as possible that is, keep the other environments, political, social etc., as stable as possible.

Market reactions are not expected, and this is where we must be more careful, because sudden movements of the main economic variables bring a speculative scenario in mainly reflected in the stock market and exchange rates economic sectors.

It is essential for economic policy makers to act quickly and appropriately, making constant and accurate readings in order to prevent the economy loses momentum and the sectors involved in crisis come to an uncertain market outlook.

At all times the struggle must be against uncertainty, as they are doing business leaders, calling the different sectors for calm. Is this the end of the economic bloc system ?.

It really all depends on how UK unwrap take and absorb the impact. Strong EU countries will be very expectation of where the UK will take decision according to the results might be that others will follow to UK or remain in the block. Who does not know history are doomed to repeat it, and this is a perfect case, economic systems have a life cycle and this more than others and do not want to wear begins.

British Airways flights to Costa Rica

British Airways flights to Costa Rica 

British Airways has announced that as of May 4, 2016 will fly 2 times a week to Costa Rica and winter season in Europe will increase to three direct flights per week.

British Airways has announced that as of May 4, 2016 will fly 2 times a week to Costa Rica and winter season in Europe will increase to three direct flights per week.

Flights will depart from London, which is to strengthen the service provided before Iberia from Spain.

As reported by British Airways will fly to Costa Rica on a Boeing 777 with a capacity of 275 passengers

Costa Rica is the first destination in Central America by the airline.

New possibilities of connecting flights to Costa Rica
British Airways currently flies to 130 destinations with which the possibility of traveling to Costa Rica from various locations and increase both trade in goods and services is opened.

Currently assigned flight day will be Wednesdays and Saturdays and Tuesdays winter will be added, the flight will depart from London Gatwick.
The Boeing 777 has 203 economy class, 48 ??in class J and class 24 W.

Costa Rica welcomes our European visitors with great joy, because the country has much to offer in attitude towards environmental and conservation.

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Should I rent a car in Costa Rica

Should I rent car in Costa Rica

Should I rent a car in Costa Rica,  that depends on whether you are a person who likes adventure and learn or simply prefer to stay in an all inclusive hotel.

Although Costa Rica has a lot of bus services interconnecting the major cities with its branches, the problem lies in the frequency.

As some routes to locations depend on the number of people who can carry it is where if you do not have enough time and especially patience, you can lose a lot of time making a bus connection from one locality to another.

On the other hand, there are very good transport companies, with excellent service and security, but also transported from one destination to another period, I recommend limiting visits to different destinations and spend a lot of money paying for this service.

Also if you hire transportation services in Costa Rica door 2 door once you reach your destination and will do to mobilize, although it has budgeted lose freedom of movement and the most striking part of traveling it is to experience new things and casual is lost.

Many errors when traveling is to make an incorrect budget, often takes into account only the cost of a service and not the value it brings me or save me as to avoid spending on different alternatives.

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Rent a 4×4 in Costa Rica

Rent a 4×4 in Costa Rica

To rent a 4×4 in Costa Rica does not have to be difficult or complicated, it is very good that many roads have been repaired Costa Rica, leaving some destinations such as Monteverde, Playa Carate and Rincon de la Vieja Volcano pending settlement.

Who benefits the most? Well, from my point of view all, both businessmen and customers, 4×4 vehicles in Costa Rica for rent require much maintenance, being the roads in better condition, instead of replacing spare parts can make more preventive maintenance. The resistance increases and decreases wear.
By lowering costs rates car rental in Costa Rica, maybe they will not lose but neither will increase
Many are trying to introduce 2wd SUV models and definitely offered at cheaper prices than a 4×4.
It is important that customers very well analyze what your transportation needs, often ask us a 7-passenger full size when they are only five passengers.
The dimension of the carriages 7 and 5 passengers is the same, the only difference is the third row of seats and some differences in the rear suspension that definitely increases the price.
Always they try to give the best to not more expensive traveler.
The important thing is to be sure that the 4×4 or 4×2 vehicle you rent to travel in Costa Rica is as fair as in performance and price.
Asking costs nothing and advice can be worth a lot.

Costa Rica Traditional Food

If you’ve ever been to Costa Rica and you have not tried at least one of the main dishes of traditional food then you did nothing. Costa Rican food incorporates several basic elements of Latin American cuisine and is differentiated by being much healthier by including a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The quality of these dishes when they are at home is unbeatable, so try to apply them in some dishes of your daily food
1. The Casado
The Casado, it is the most common dish in Costa Rica. It consists of beans, rice, fried plantains, cabbage salad with carrot and tomato, and a selection of meat from chicken, fish, pork.
Meat that comes with a married grilled or sauteed, but never fried. Sometimes the married includes fries or extra vegetables such as avocados.


2. Ceviche
Ceviche is a snack consisting of fresh fish marinated in citrus juices as raw lemon with finely chopped herbs and vegetables. In Costa Rica, the best ceviche is made with the local tilapia or corvina (white sea bass) and cilantro, garlic, chili, onion and celery. However there is also one called Ceviche Mixto which also includes fish, shrimp, octopus, shells, squid and mussels is just delicious.

3. Gallo Pinto
Gallo Pinto is the typical breakfast of Costa Rica. It consists of rice and beans mixed together, fried or scrambled eggs, minced meat, fried plantains and tortillas.

4. Olla de Carne
The pot of meat is a tasty and rich in nutrients made with huge chunks of stew meat, potatoes, carrots, chayote, bananas, cassava, sweet potatoes, green bananas, and sweet potatoes. If accompanied with white rice and a few drops of lemon is incredible taste in your mouth. Usually for more flavor meat with bone and rib and fleshy neck bone beef it is used.

5. Tamales (no related with the Mexican ones)
Costa Rican tamales are boiled with banana leaves stuffed with a mixture of cornmeal, saffron rice, pork, and a variety of beans and vegetables. They are a tradition especially at Christmas where the whole family comes together to prepare, activity that takes one to two working days

6. Carnitas
The carnitas are pieces of meat cooked on the grill. Once done, it is placed in the center of a tortilla.

7. Pejibaye
Pejibaye peach is the fruit bunches. It is thick and very fibrous and is prepared in boiling water with salt and beef bone that is called in Costa Rica “hock”

8. Café
Costa Rica is synonymous with excellent coffee and hot drinks several times a day, even when it’s hot.

9. Chan
Chan is a slightly sweet and viscous from the addition of water to a few tablespoons of seeds chan drink. Chan seed is small and has a scent like lavender. When water is added, the seed develops a viscous layer around; also helps the digestive system fever and low blood pressure.

10. Natural beverage
They are natural, fresh squeezed juices mixed with water or milk, with added sugar fruits. There is an impressive amount of soft drinks available in Costa Rica: Carambola,Cas (a fruit native only Costa Rica),Guanábana, Mango, Passionfruit, Mora,Papaya.

Turrialba volcano latest news

Turrialba volcano latest news. The Turrialba volcano returned to throw a lot of gas and ash during Monday afternoon.

May 18, 2016. The Turrialba volcano in constant eruption of gases and vapors, with occasional departures ceniza.Un block of volcanic material was found by experts the OVSICORI (Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica) after the eruption of Thursday May 12 previous .I was 450 meters from the crater and 12 hours after being expelled, maintained a temperature of 90 Celcius degrees. Last weekend even sulfur odor was reported in areas such as Heredia, Moravia and Guadalupe. Turrialba volcano experts said that eruptions could increase and become ever larger. However, the situation in the Central Valley has remained without any news, so there is no point of comparison with the Irazu Volcano eruptions coincided with the visit to Costa Rica John F. Kennedy years ago. Life goes on as normal for the tourism sector. The government of Costa Rica has taken protectionist measures for farmers and ranchers in the area of ??Turrialba Volcano.

It was about 3:30 pm when the chambers of the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica ( OVSICORI ) caught the eruption.

Minutes later, at 3:50 pm the colossus still maintained the activity with a large plume of gas that was moving northwest. Aeris, the company in charge of the San José airport operations anounced yesterday that they recommend to all travelers to check their website the latest schedule of the flights and track them ir order to avoid make you wait at the terminal if it is closed due to new eruptions.