Car rental Insurance in Costa Rica


Basic Coverage (Mandatory)

The auto insurance in Costa Rica is a government monopoly of the INS (Instituto Nacional de Seguros). Liability insurance from the INS is mandated by law. This is a combine product that includes Collision Damage Waiver and Third Party Insurance. If there are damages to the rented vehicle or if there is an accident, the renter must be responsible for the payment of the deductibles. The maximum amount of deductible to be paid in case of damages caused to the rented car is US$ 1.000.00 (one thousand dollars). If there are damages done to third parties assets, the deductible will be 20 % of the full amount of the damages.
Now the portion of CDW insurance can also be covered by your credit card insurance (client decline CDW with credit card) or other insurance coverage purchased from home. Just obtain a copy of proof of this insurance coverage from an insurance/credit card provider (Please read our Credit Card Insurance Cover) to understand better how it works.

All our rates include the Basic Mandatory insurance CDW-TPL (Known also as SLI, SLC or API) NO ADDITIONAL FEES. There’s other optional insurances you can buy if you prefer to travel fully covered but this is not included in our rates and it’s your decision to take them or not.

Optional Zero Liability
Also known as Full Coverage, Zero Deductible, Damage Supplement, and Super Collision Damage Waiver, these additional policies are intended to reduce your liability to zero when used in combination with TPL & CDW. These additional insurances are more expensive, but cover most circumstances, have a higher amount of coverage, and may have zero deductible. Also include 24-hour roadside assistance. The amount you pay depends on the type of car model you rent.

Our advice? Take your time and read the insurance conditions and your car rental confirmation in order to know exactly what is included and what is not. Unfortunately some rental car counters can be very persistent trying to sale extra services / accessories and this may cause renters to think they need the additional insurance to drive in Costa Rica incurring to extra charges without really understanding what they’re paying for. We’re very happy to assist you explaining the optional insurances you can take before your arrival and help you to avoid confusions at the time of signing your car rental agreement.

Credit Card Insurance Coverage
Some credit cards allowed their clients to decline the car rental protections and use their coverage. If this is your case, the total amount to be paid can be reduced and we’ll be glad to agree to your credit card protection; to understand better how it works, please read carefully:
• Prior to travel you have to contact your bank and request a written proof of your credit card protection plan, where its validity in Costa Rica is visibly stated. This letter must be presented at the car rental counter at the time of the rental. To avoid any misunderstanding and delays you can send us a copy by e-mail before your arrival.
• When use your credit card protection plan, TPL protection is obligatory due to credit cards programs usually protect the car but do not provide protection to third parties as TPL do.
• In case of damages to the car, the total cost of repair will be charged to the credit card and it will be your responsibility for opening a claim with your bank and apply for refund from your credit card company.
• Our company is happy to accept your protection, however when we are fully sold, some of our external suppliers does not accept this insurance coverage, you will be notified if this is your case. When use your credit card protection, a hold of US$750.00 to $1.000 (depending on the model) will be made to your credit card at the time of the rental.
• When we confirmed a reservation using the credit card cover insurance, this mean you are covered with CDW-TPL(third party liability) if you decided to take additional insurance (full cover, zero deductible) once you are at the counter, you have to pay for the extra charge and it is absolutely your decision to buy or decline the optional services. Please give us a call if you’re confused about these additional insurances and need to be sure if you need them or not.
The renter will be responsible for the full cost of damage or theft if the car is driven in violation of the rental agreement terms and conditions (Please read about the terms and conditions of your insurance plan).
None of the protections offered covers traffic tickets or loss of car plates or keys, which are full responsibility of the renter.

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