NASA switched off transmission of a camera from the international space station when shooting a unidentified flying object (UFO) entering the Earth’s atmosphere.


Past July 12 came a video on Youtube where one of the cameras of the international space station captures an unknown object entering the earth’s atmosphere.

The hard takes approximately one minute twenty seconds and then the signal is lost enters a screen which says you are having problems streaming from the International Space Station.
It is not the first time this has happened to appear an unidentified object. At other times it has happened that deliberately gate where the chamber is closed.
The strange thing is that whenever something is out of place appear such failures or transmission problems. This seems rather a procedural protocol.
Regardless of whatever is entering the concern is that there may be several scenarios: NASA does not know what is and hides, Nasa knows what is hidden and so, Nasa is entirely unknown and equipment failure.
None of these scenarios is encouraging, and I think it is best to know who is doing there and if it is dangerous or not.
Feigned or not, ignorance is never brings anything good or nice.
The best way to resolve a situation is to confront

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