Should I rent a car in Costa Rica


Should I rent car in Costa Rica

Should I rent a car in Costa Rica,  that depends on whether you are a person who likes adventure and learn or simply prefer to stay in an all inclusive hotel.

Although Costa Rica has a lot of bus services interconnecting the major cities with its branches, the problem lies in the frequency.

As some routes to locations depend on the number of people who can carry it is where if you do not have enough time and especially patience, you can lose a lot of time making a bus connection from one locality to another.

On the other hand, there are very good transport companies, with excellent service and security, but also transported from one destination to another period, I recommend limiting visits to different destinations and spend a lot of money paying for this service.

Also if you hire transportation services in Costa Rica door 2 door once you reach your destination and will do to mobilize, although it has budgeted lose freedom of movement and the most striking part of traveling it is to experience new things and casual is lost.

Many errors when traveling is to make an incorrect budget, often takes into account only the cost of a service and not the value it brings me or save me as to avoid spending on different alternatives.

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